New titles! ❤️

New exciting publications! Two more books from Renato Manzi for the Italian series Quelli che Tornano, a splendid semi-fictional novel from the new Indian author Mata Madhumita, and a book of fine art photography and poetry from Massimo Barberi. In August 2021 will be published also a book of Giuliano Zorza, “Love and Health”.

Renato Manzi, La Caccia (Quelli che Tornano 2):

Yoga Prostitutes and Yoga Saints, by Mata Madhumita. A collection of short semi-biographical stories which describe the modern yoga industry from an intimate and uncommon point of view. Mata Madhumita Devi, an old Indian lady and yoga enthusiast who has worked inside the yoga-world all her life reveals some witty and, at times, melancholic aspects of the life of yoga students and yoga teachers. A book rich in both wisdom and black humor, a book that encourages a reflection upon the clichés and the masks abundantly used by many practitioners of this ancient Indian discipline, which, in the recent years, has changed our society in so many ways.

Symbiosis, by Massimo Barberi. A beautiful book of fine art photography and poetry, where, through symbols and allegories, the author describes the epiphany of a modern human being in search for the real self. An archetypical journey from a state of disillusion and “pollution” of the soul, to a state of conscious union with the nature and with the real self. When we find our real self we realise also our symbiotic, harmonious connection with the beautiful world around us.

Torvaldo e Dorì, by Renato Manzi. A beautiful historical mystery fiction, for the moment only in Italian, but soon also in Norwegian and in English.