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We are happy to announce that this month two new babies have joined our family of books, they are both fictional novels, and both are touching (in very different ways) the subjects that are dear to our company: spirituality, mysticism and self-discovery.

And a beautiful book about ecology and spirituality will be published next month.

The first of the books of this month is the one of Renato Manzi available for purchase here

Renato Manzi is an Italian musician and photographer based in Oslo. His first book “Quelli che tornano” is an exciting semi-fictional novel where mystery, eros, religion and spirituality are mixed in an intriguing, unique story (the follow up of this first novel will be published before Christmas).

copertina low definition Quelli che_n


The second book of this month is “Yoga Prostitute and Yoga Saints” of Mata Madhumita. A collection of short semi-biographical stories which describe the modern yoga industry from an intimate and uncommon point of view. Mata Madhumita Devi, an old Indian lady and yoga enthusiast who has worked inside the yoga-world all her life reveals some witty and, at times, melancholic aspects of the life of yoga students and yoga teachers.

You can find the book of Mata Madhumita here

Layer 5 amazon cover re attempt per website


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
Jorge Luis Borges

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